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Vintage Representation of Popular Online Brands [Posters]

See what happens when you retro-fy popular brands in poster form. More retro-fied posters at DesignFloat.

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MuzkMesh: Music and Lyrics

You like listening to Last.Fm? How about singing along to the music on your playlist? Normally, you’ll have to search for the lyrics of the song that’s currently playing on your playlist. Now, there is no need to do that

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Blyper Updates you with New Music of your Favorite Artist

Blyper is a service that will notify you of when your favorite music artist releases a new CD or Single. This is great for music lovers that collect music from several musicians or singers. Keeping track of releases by those

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Free Music Zilla: Silly Name, Great Software

Free Music Zilla is a desktop tool specialized for social music downloading. This is the first time I have heard of Free Music Zilla and I have to admit that the name sounds kind of funny, but who cares about

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