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A Voice Activated Picture Viewer for iPhone and iPad

    VIP or Voice Image Picker is an iOS app that lets you have voice control over your photo slideshows. The VIP app will listen to you and eventually find out what you are really looking for. It will give

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Do you Miss the Original iPod? Get to use it Again on your Browser

I never got own the original iPod. My first iPod was the mini. However, this fully functional iPod  webapp made by  Pritesh Desai will bring nostalgia to original iPod owners. To use the app, drag (rotate) the clickwheel, as you would do

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Turn Your iPhone / iPod Touch into a Multi Touch Mouse

TouchPad Pro just released this wonderful app for your iPhone or iPod Touch which lets you control your PC of Mac like the MacBook Air Multi Touch mouse. Of course, you will need a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch in

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Install Wikipedia In An iPhone or iPod Touch

This guy just installed the sum of all world knowledge in his iPod Touch. The video shows us how to install Wikipedia in an iPhone and iPod Touch. First you need a Jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch to do this

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SeeqPod: Media Search Engine Tips

Seeqpod is a search engine for playable media that can be found in the web. Just search for the music or artist and like what any respectable search engine will do, it will return search results but only for music

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