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Google’s New Chrome Experiment Takes you Through Middle Earth with this Interactive Journey

  Take a modern through the world of Tolkien with this interactive map of Middle Earth. Made for Chrome and inspired by the upcoming movie, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Google created this using modern web technologies. The “Journey

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Creepy Interactive Girl

I’ve seen many creepy things on the internet. This one just made my top 10 list. Head over the creepy girl page and hover your mouse pointer around and watch the interactive creepy girl follow it around with her reddish

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Learn a New Language with Mango

Mango Languages is a language learning tool where you can choose up to 12 different language courses you want to learn. You can choose to learn Brazilian Portuguese, German, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, ESL Polish, Greek, ESL Spanish, French, Russian, ESL

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