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[Kwout]: Easy Screenshot and Annotation Service

[Kwout] is a web service which allows you to capture portions of websites and turn them into an embeddable image with annotations and active hyperlinks. The image map is totally optional but wouldn’t it be cool to leave it activated?

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WeT Floor Maker: Create Wet Floor Effect for your Images

Do you want to make that web 2.0 wet floor effects for your images but don’t want to go to all that trouble editing in Photoshop just to achieve the effect that you are looking for? Wet Floor Maker is

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Slice and Crop Your Photos Online

PicSlice is a place online where you can slice and crop your photos. The webapp is useful if you want to adjust your photos depending on your needs and if you do not have a decent photo editor available on

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Add Text to Images Using PicFont

PicFont is an image editor which lets you insert text or comments on photos. You can normally do them in a desktop image editor installed in your computer. The only difference with PicFont is that the editing is done online.

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Roundpic Easily Makes Rounded Corners for your Images

Roundpic is a simple webtool that can easily produce rounded corners for your images. This is a great tool for bloggers who wants to make a rounded ad image or logo without the hassle of editing it in Photoshop or

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Online Image Editing and More from Aviary

I just got my invite from Aviary (Private Beta) and finally got to test it. Aviary is an online service which caters different kinds of media editing and creating applications for artists of all genres from images, typography, music, 3D

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