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Honda’s New F1 Engine Sounds Like Something Formula 1 Fans Would Not Approve

No matter what the next generation F1 engines would sound like, good or bad, bottom line is that they’re stuck with it. Get to hear Honda’s new F1 engine fire-up for the first time in the video below.  

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Check out the Honda Collection Hall Museum on Google Street View

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Watch a Honda NSX Concept-GT Utilize its 500-horsepower Hybrid Engine to Boil Water in 1 Minute

In the video, the NSX is connected ┬áto a device that uses tubing to harness the energy from the car’s 500-horsepower hybrid drive system, using it to boil water.    

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2007 LA Auto Show Photos

Below are some photos of the cars featured at the LA Auto Show. Evolution X 2008 Subaru WRX STi Audi R8 2008 Toyota Corolla Honda Civic Si Mugen Edition 2008 Nissan GT-R I have no idea but this is my

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Honda FCX Clarity Fuel-Cell Hybrid

Honda announced the production of their newest green car at the LA Auto Show earlier today, the ZERO emission FCX Clarity. The FCX Clarity is powered by an electric motor. Most of the cars that we drive today is probably

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