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The Coca Cola Work It Out Calculator Tells you How Much Workout you Need to Burn a Can of Coke

The web-app was developed in association with Dr. Greg Whyte to help you achieve energy balance. This is to make sure that there isn’t any imbalance between the amount of calories you take in each day and the amount you

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Weight Loss Tips Explained by Science

If you’re meaning to lose weight, this is a much watch video.  

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iMedix: Your Social Health Networking Site

If you think that WebMD is useful when it comes to providing health related information online, then you better check out iMedix. It is a free service that helps you find and share comprehensive health information from the top sources

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The Nokia Eco Sensor Phone Concept

A new concept phone was announced by the cellphone giant Nokia. Its a mobile phone that keeps track of your health and environment. You can also share the environmental data your sensing device collects and view other users’ shared data,

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