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Freddie Mercury Tribute: Google Doodle Style [Video]

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Let the Google+ Games Begin (Starting with Angry Birds for Google Plus)

Facebook’s major advantage over Google+ in terms of feature is its ability to hook you up with addictive social games. That advantage is no more, for Google+ just rolled out its games feature. Number one in Google+’s games list it

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What Google Knows About You Based on the Stuff you Browse

Ok, some of you might get freaked out by this. But, if you bear with me for a bit, there’s some good news somewhere in this article. So, I’ll assume that we all know that Google is tracking our every

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The “Real” Evolution of Social Networks [Pic]

Google+ = Terminator  

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Download Google+ Style Buttons

Pixify, an easy website design service for small businesses, have some tips on how to improve a website’s UI (user interface). One way that you can improve a website’s user interface is by using Google‘s new button designs that has

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How to make Google+ Posts and Comments Collapsible

What’s the best browser fits Google+? Why Chrome of course. Not only that it’s faster, especially when loading Google products, you get to customize them by using Chrome Extensions. Speaking of which, here’s a Chrome extension that you might want

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