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iMapFlickr: Create an Embeddable Customized Map of Geotagged Flickr Photos

iMapFlickr is a web application that allows you create an interactive map with geolocated images on it using the Google Maps and Flickr API. With this tool, you’ll be able to easily create something that normally requires a web developer.

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MyPicsMap: Explore the World Through Flickr and Google Maps

MyPicsMap is a tool for viewing geo tagged photos on Flickr. If you like viewing places through other’s eyes or photographs, I’m sure that you’ll find MyPicMaps quite interesting. The tool was developed integrating Google Maps and Twitter to produce

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Seero Launches to the Public

I just got an email from Justin Cutillo, Seero founder and CEO, announcing that they are lifting their private beta testing and going public with their live, on-location video platform. Seero is a website that we introduced a few weeks

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