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What is the Average Font?

What happens when you fuse all the fonts installed on your computer to produce a new typeface? Well, this is what Moritz Resl did and the result is this: The Average Font.  This project shows what a font would look

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Toyota’s iQ Font: Designed by a Moving Car

Happiness Brussels, a Belgian ad agency, came up with a unique promotion idea, to design a font using a moving Toyota iQ. A couple of typographers, a pro race driver and an interactive software developer collaborated together in order to

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FontEx: Font Hunting Made Easy

Finding fonts that you need for your current project is getting harder and harder to accomplish nowadays. With the enormous number of available free fonts out there for you to choose from, finding the right font that you can use

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Photoshop: Non-Destructive Circular Text Path

Another short but excellent video tutorial on creating a nice circular path for you to type on your text without destroying the font.

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Photoshop: Create Non-Destructive Text and Image Reflections

This is a simple, short and a direct to the point tutorial on how to create non destructive text and image reflections using Photoshop.

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Top 100 Free Font Download

Dafont dot com features a collection of some of the most unique and amazing fonts that i have ever seen. Above are some of the most downloaded fonts featured on the site. If you are looking for a font that

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