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StumblePics: StumbleUpon for Flickr Photos

Here’s a new way of browsing and viewing photos, through StumblePics. The service is like StumbleUpon but only focused on photos. StumblePics makes use of photos found on Flickr and can be viewed in high quality. The photos that appear

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GeoImpress : Easily View Geo-Tagged Photos and Twitter Comments Made About Locations All Over the World

GeoImpress is a web application that has been developed for everyone interested in a certain place all over the world. The service is powered by Google Maps, Flickr and Twitter which makes it easy to guess what it is all

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ColorSuckR: Suck the Colors from Photos and Make Color Schemes

ColorSuckR is a tool that you can use to extract colors from a photo and automatically create a color scheme based on that photo. To use the service, your photo must be hosted somewhere online. The app does not support

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MyPicsMap: Explore the World Through Flickr and Google Maps

MyPicsMap is a tool for viewing geo tagged photos on Flickr. If you like viewing places through other’s eyes or photographs, I’m sure that you’ll find MyPicMaps quite interesting. The tool was developed integrating Google Maps and Twitter to produce

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Downloadr Lets You Backup Your Flickr Photos

Downloadr is a Windows application and a rather small one that allows you to make bulk downloads from your Flickr account to your computer. It authenticates with Flickr so that you can download private photos as well. You can search

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Idée Multicolr: Search Flickr using a Color Chart

Idée Multicolr is a search tool for Flickr Images. What makes this particular search tool very interesting is the way it searches images/photos. It allows you to search images using colors and not keywords. You can select which color you

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