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Photosync: Sync Flickr Photos to Facebook

  Photosync is a very simple web app that lets you sync Facebook and Flickr photos. If you’re too lazy to upload photos to both Facebook and Flickr accounts, or can’t really decide where you want to upload first, simply

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How to Share and Download an Entire Album from Flickr

Sometimes, a friend will ask you to send them and entire album of photos even if you’ve uploaded them to your Flickr account. The common reason for this is that it takes to damn long to go through each photo

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Two of the Most Viewed Photos in Flickr

Now, the most viewed photo in Flickr is Nohkalikai Falls, Cherrapunjee with 2.978 million views. The photo was uploaded sometime in 2006. See photo below. View on Flickr The number two most viewed photo in Flickr today, and may very

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Take a Peek at the Back of Popular Websites

Have you ever wondered what you’ll see if you can look at the back of webpages? Back of a Webpage has all the answers. The birds are busy bringing you tweets (links, videos, photos, music, etc). It’s pretty cool seeing

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SaveVideo.Me: Download Videos From Different Video Services

The internet does not come short when speaking of downloaders for YouTube hosted videos. There are a number of good YouTube Video downloaders out there that you can utilize for that task. But, what if you want to download videos

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iMapFlickr: Create an Embeddable Customized Map of Geotagged Flickr Photos

iMapFlickr is a web application that allows you create an interactive map with geolocated images on it using the Google Maps and Flickr API. With this tool, you’ll be able to easily create something that normally requires a web developer.

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