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The Sound of Formula One (F1) in 2014

One of the most appealing part of Formula One to me is the sound of the car engines. F1 gives a particular sound that is unique to other race cars. You could call it a trademark of Formula One racing,

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Follow the F1 Indian Grand Prix in Real Time with Google Maps

Check out this interesting app that allows you to follow a F1 Grand Prix in real time by using Google Maps. What it does is feed you the position of each driver on the race graphically by utilizing Google Maps.

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The Star-Spangled Banner: Red Bull Racing F1 Version

Watch Red Bull Racing’s F1 play USA’s national anthem by revving.

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F1 Steering Wheel Buttons and Switches Explained

Ever wondered what the 20 something buttons in a F1 steering wheel are for? Check it out as Nico Rosberg explains Mercedes’ F1 steering wheel. Watch the video below.   Read about the Buttons, Switches & Displays as explained by

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