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Duck My Life: Shoot Ducks on Any Website

Duck My Life is a webapp that allows you to shoot ducks on any site. The idea is simple, a duck appears on your browser and you get to shoot it. The only thing that’s missing is the stupid dog

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BookBox: Embed a Book Widget

BookBox is a simple service which allows you to create an embeddable widget that contains a list of books that interests you the most. Creating a widget is fast and very simple. There is no registration required and will not

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KickLight: Sync Images and Links with Videos

KickLight is a new revolutionary online video service. It allows video makers to add synchronized visual elements, called “kicks,” to online videos. People promoting websites through videos will get a “kick” out of this one. Instead of placing URLs on

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YouTubeReloaded: Embedabble YouTube Playlist Generator

YouTubeReloaded is a tool that you can use to produce an embeddable playlist for YouTube. This tool is will come in very handy when there is a need for you to publish YouTube videos and don’t want to clutter your

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99Chats: A Simple Chat Widget for Websites and Social Networking Profiles

99Chats is simple embeddable chat room for your websites. It’s the latest product of 99Widgets, a widget network that provides webware and social platform services. They provide simple solutions for simple web needs. The chat widget can easily be created

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TubeGraph: Embedabble Dynamic Rating for YouTube Videos

TubeGraph is a YouTube tool which allows you to place a dynamic rating tool alongside a YouTube video. The dynamic rating comes in the form of a Graph, not unlike the rating feature that we see in YouTube or the

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