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The PicLab: Online Photo Editor for Quick and Simple Editing Jobs

ThePicLab is like most online photo editors that are available out ther on the web. And like those online photo editors, you can use it for free and do simple photo editing jobs that doesn’t require too much effects or

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PasteHTML: Free Anonymous HTML Host

If you want to quickly and anonymously publish an HTML page, just head over to PasteHTML. It will host your HTML file anonymously, for free and forever. This tool is instant and will not require you to create an account

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Add Text to Images Using PicFont

PicFont is an image editor which lets you insert text or comments on photos. You can normally do them in a desktop image editor installed in your computer. The only difference with PicFont is that the editing is done online.

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TubePopper: Insert Text Bubbles in YouTube Videos

TubePopper is a new way of adding fun to your YouTube videos. It allows you to insert text bubbles and subtitles to YouTube videos. The service was built to search YouTube’s extremely large database of video content or you can

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FireShot: Firefox Screenshot Editor Plugin

What makes Firefox so great is not because it’s a fast browser. From my experience, Opera is still a faster browser than Firefox and consumes even less memory. Even if the older versions of Firefox are having memory issues, a

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Blog Editor Alternatives: ScribeFire

…continued. This is the continuation of the post for Blog Editor Alternatives. Here is the second part. ScribeFire ScribeFire is a very cool Firefox Extension that really brings blogging to a whole new level. It enables users to easily drag

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