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How Fast Can you Draw Stuff?

Here’s an unusual blog. It’s called The Fastest Drawings of Everything. The owners (artists) of the blog draws stuff, one thing at a time. They draw each…uhh.. drawing the fastest way possible. You might think that it’s weird, but hey,

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AccidentSketch: Create a Sketch of your Vehicular Accident

Accident Sketch is a tool that will help you easily draw a sketch of your vehicular accident. You can use the tool to visually recreate the moment when the accident happened. It will help you give a better description of

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TwitDraw: Gaffiti on Twitter

TwitDraw is a tool that allows you to make an online graffiti and post it on Twitter. If you’re tired of posting photos, links and tweets on Twitter, this might spice things up for you. The service is created by

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RateMyAnimations: Draw, Animate, Share

RateMyAnimations is a community powered site where you can create animations and share them anywhere. If you’re familiar with Rate My Drawings, a really cool drawing community with a great online drawing tool and a rocking share widget that displays

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ColorPX: Retro Pixel Drawing Tool

ColorPX is a simple online tool that you can use to create drawings one pixel at a time. The only thing that you need is a little imagination and a bit of creativity. No need to sign up or register

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Doink: Draw Animate Share

Doink is a place where you can make drawings online and create animation out of them. It can be like one of those paper animations with stick figures or a really cool animation of whatever you can think of. Doink

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