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Send Files from a URL Directly to your Dropbox or Email

Do you need to download a file but you are in a computer or device that prohibits downloading? Fear not, there’s a web app called sideCLOUDload that lets you save files directly to the “Cloud.” SideCLOUDload allows you to send

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Remotely Download Files to your Computer by Using DropBox and URL Droplet

What do you normally do when you come across a file that you need to download while you’re outside? The easiest way to remember a download link is to save it to your email and download it later. But, what

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How to Share and Download an Entire Album from Flickr

Sometimes, a friend will ask you to send them and entire album of photos even if you’ve uploaded them to your Flickr account. The common reason for this is that it takes to damn long to go through each photo

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The Geeky Growth Chart

Are you a geek dad/mom looking for a geeky growth chart? Check out this version and watch your kid grow as tall as…uhhh…Darth Vader (almost 7 foot tall)? The growth chart is free but you can give donations to the

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Spgrab: Free ScreenShot Sharing Windows App

SpGrab is a Windows application that allows you to quickly create screenshots and share them with anyone online via a tiny URL that is automatically copied to your cipboard. The tiny app runs in the background of your computer and

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BlogRadio: Listen to Any Blog Anywhere

BlogRadio is a cloud based, streaming media for RSS. It simply means that you can listen to any blog that has RSS (which is almost all blogs). If you’re too busy to read your favorite blogs but still want to

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