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A Clever Way of Getting People to Like your Page on Facebook

London based animation studio, Animade made a clever promotional page that encourages visitors to like them on Facebook by using a simple animation and a simple smile. I only made three screenshots to describe what happens on the page. The

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Popular Websites Redesigned as Magazines

Check what Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia and Yelp will look like when redesigned as magazines. Wikipedia sort of looks like National Geographic. Facebook looks like a women’s magazine. I like what the artist did on Twitter and Yelp.   Source

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Kerntype: A Kerning Game that Will Enhance your Design Skills

Here’s a short info about Kerning if you’re not familiar with it. In typography, kerning, which is also known as mortising, is the process of adjusting the spacing between characters in a proportional font. This is usually done to achieve

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