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Do you Miss the Original iPod? Get to use it Again on your Browser

I never got own the original iPod. My first iPod was the mini. However, this fully functional iPod  webapp made by  Pritesh Desai will bring nostalgia to original iPod owners. To use the app, drag (rotate) the clickwheel, as you would do

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How to Code a MacBook Pro in Pure CSS (Complete Tutorial with Codes)

Here’s an awesome tutorial on how to create a single element pure CSS Macbook pro.       Source

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iPhone 4S Made Entirely in CSS3 [ With Complete Tutorial and Codes]

Web designer and developer Kushagra Agarwal (the guy who made the Browser version of Doodle Jump using HTML5) created a codecast that teaches CSS3. In the codecast, you’ll learn how to make an iPhone 4S by using only CSS3.

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