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Navify: Enhancing Wikipedia with Images, Videos and Comments

Navify is an online visual encyclopedia that combines Wikipedia articles with images, videos and comments. This is a great place to start if you are doing a research about something. Instead of heading straight to Wikipedia for the text content,

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PrintFriendly: Make Any Website Printer Friendly

PrintFriendly is a fast and easy way to print web pages that contains ads and other unwanted elements. Rather than copying the content you want to print to a document editor, you can just place the URL or the web

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TynT Tracer: Track Which Content is Being Copied From your Website

Tracer is a very useful and amazing tool that you can use to keep track of your content and see what goes on with your site. It will act like your personal big brother tool for your website. What it

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Download a Slice of Wikipedia with WikiSlice

It has been said that Wikipedia is the sum of all world knowledge. But sometimes, when using Wikipedia, it’s easy to get lost with all the in-links of the site. There are links which are sometimes distracting and will lead

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Get Blogging Suggestions for your Content Using Zemanta

Zemanta is a new web app (still in alpha version) that lets you get suggestions for your content while blogging. As of now, they index around 300 top media sources and numerous blogs of their users. They also provide image

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