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The Worst Design Suggestions Made by Clients to Designers

It’s safe to say that every ad agency or designer has had an experience with an impossible client. There always exists a client that will make an outrageous request regarding a particular design project.  For established designers, it’s easy to

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The YouTube Insult Generator Makes Insults Searchable

The YouTube Insult Generator doesn’t really generate insults for you out of thin air. It functions more like a search engine. What it does is look for insults found on Youtube based on the keyword that you’ve entered. It’ll then

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How to make Google+ Posts and Comments Collapsible

What’s the best browser fits Google+? Why Chrome of course. Not only that it’s faster, especially when loading Google products, you get to customize them by using Chrome Extensions. Speaking of which, here’s a Chrome extension that you might want

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A Comic About How to Make Comments on Internet

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