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The Coca Cola Work It Out Calculator Tells you How Much Workout you Need to Burn a Can of Coke

The web-app was developed in association with Dr. Greg Whyte to help you achieve energy balance. This is to make sure that there isn’t any imbalance between the amount of calories you take in each day and the amount you

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Kanakku: Online Spreadsheet and Calculator Tool

Kanakku is a Spreadsheet and Calculator rolled into one web application. The application is free to use and currently runs well on IE7+ and Firefox. You can use the application in a variety of ways. Spreadsheets, mathematical formulas can be

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Free Weight Loss / Diet Calculators and Tutorials

Calories Per Hour is a website that hands out information for a healthy and sustainable health loss. This site can aid people who aim to lose weight, maintain their current weight. They give out tutorials from diet plans to understanding

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