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Bookmarking Deaths in Game of Thrones

This is how it look like when you bookmark every death that happened in the Game of Thrones Books.     [Source]

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Minimalist Poster Versions of Popular Children Story Books

Hyper-minimalistic posters of the Children’s stories we grew up knowing and loving.     More at Christian Jackson‘s Imagekind Gallery.

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Touchoo: iPad App for Children

Ever since the official announcement for the production of the Apple iPad, developers have been very busy creating different applications for Appleā€™s newest toy. Touchoo is one of those applications that are built for the iPad. It is a company

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BiblioFaction: Read, Write, Share Short Stories

BiblioFaction is a community powered website for people who love short stories. Whether you are a writer or someone who loves to read short stories, BiblioFaction is a great online hangout. Bibliofaction promises to be to the world of stories

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WhichBook: Book Recommendation Based on Your Mood

WhichBook is a book recommendation engine that allows you to adjust the level of mood or story elements you want to be in a book. This interesting tool will display a list of books that matches the strength level of

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Free Books from KnowledgeRush

Knowledgerush is a community driven online directory that shares free books that are available in the internet. You can easily search their directory by category, title or author. What is great about this service is that it shares the online

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