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Riddle Me That Answers

I’ve been recently playing riddle me that on my iPhone and I was really enjoying it. Some riddles are pretty easy and some will take you some time to get the right answer. Without the help of letter clues, most

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Quizy.Me: Social Asking Tool

Quizy.Me is a social tool for asking questions and answering them. You can create a question or answer questions posted by other users randomly. There’s also a question feed so that you can monitor the new questions made by your

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Aadvark: Ask Questions and Get Answered Socially

Aadvark is a service where you can ask a question and get answers from real people and not from a previously written web article. This community powered service lets you tap the knowledge and experience of people in your network

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Stumpedia: The Social Powered Search Engine

Stumpedia is a human powered search engine that relies on participation from its members to index, organize and review the information found in the internet. Users can participate by sharing their knowledge and interests with one another and provide an

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Get Instant Phone Text Answers for your Questions with Mosio

Have you ever had a question that’s been bugging you for quite sometime or do you need quick information about a place really quick? All you have to do is ask Mosio. Mosio is a community based question and answer

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