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Grievous Apple VS Android Yoda

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Famous Company Logos Redesigned Using the Comic Sans Typeface

Ever wondered what if Comic Sans was the font that ruled them all? Then the brands that we’ve come to love would look like the ones below. Check out the popular brands redesigned to complement the Comic Sans typeface. Would

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Quixey: An App Search Engine that Understands You

Where do you usually search for apps? Google? Bing? Yahoo!? – Or the native search engine of the platform that caters the apps? Well, you can ditch the search engines that I’ve mentioned and head over to Quixey. It’s your

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Android: Use Any Browser to Send and Receive (SMS) Text Messages

BrowserTexting is an Andriod app that will enable you to send and receive text messages (SMS) on your browser. This app will work on any Android Phone with version 2.2 or higher. You’ll be able to send and receive messages

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Know the Real Difference Between iPhone and Android

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KnockinLive.Com: Live Video Sharing App for Apple/iPhone and Android Users

KnockingLive is a phone app which allows you to instantly share a live feed video with friends. This benefits both iPhone and Android users as of this moment. KnockingLive is also planning on making the app compatible with BlackBerry, Symbian,

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