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Is McDonalds Changing their Ad Format?

You can always spot that a particular ad is made for McDonalds. Not these awesome animations. Check them out below.      

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Funny Ads for Outdated Products in the Modern Times

Most of the things that you see here are not entirely obsolete (yet) but they’re slowly getting there. The newspaper may be endangered, but it’s still hanging in there trying to survive. The captions are still funny though. Source

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Lego Print Ad Collection

More @ speckyboy

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What Google Knows About You Based on the Stuff you Browse

Ok, some of you might get freaked out by this. But, if you bear with me for a bit, there’s some good news somewhere in this article. So, I’ll assume that we all know that Google is tracking our every

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Quick BidVertiser to FeedBurner RSS Tip

BidVertiser recently released a new way to monetize your blog. This is made possible by placing BidVertiser ads on your RSS feeds. This is a great alternative for placing ad units which is similar to the Adsense integration in your

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Google’s Ad Scroll Interface Reinvented

For the past few weeks Google have been testing their scrolling ad interface. Random appearances of the scroll button have been reported on other blogs. The main concern for the ad interface is they look unattractive. xxrg comments on the

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