7 Comments on “Terminator: Salvation – The End Begins

  1. That’s just so ironic, I saw this trailer just 2 days ago and didn’t realize Christian Bale was going to be in this new Terminator: Salvation movie. He brings so much to a role, so can’t wait! I wonder if Arnie will have a role in this new movie or rather, who will be playing the Terminator?

    I am a big Terminator fan and this trailer is a real teaser – they don’t give much away (which is kinda good)!

  2. Hi Marie, I’m very excited about this one. Especially with Bale in it. Aside from his Batman Movies, I also liked his Equilibrium movie. It’s kind of underrated and not very popular but I really enjoyed that movie.

    Anyway, there is still no news if Arnie is going to be in this one. I think this is the final installment of the Terminator series. It would be great if he makes an appearance and shows the part where he followed the man John Connor sent back in time to marry his mother. They also mentioned in the past movie that the Arnold terminator was the one who killed the future John Connor. Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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