ModWar: A Modern Warfare Social Networking Site

modwar logoModWar is a sort of fantasy social networking site for modern warfare fans. You’ll be able to create your own modern warfare profile to share with people that has the same interest as you are. I don’t know if the site is related to the video game but for all of you who are interested in the technologies behind modern warfare then you might want to try out the site.

The social network still in the works and will only allow you to register, create a profile and do basic social networking. They are hoping that the community will lead them the way into making the social network better for everyone. Listed below are the things that you can do in ModWar:

• Create a MW2 & MW1 Social Network Profile

• Create clan groups

• Show off your favorite weapons, killstreaks…

• Post comments

• Add friends

• and more coming soon…

The site only targets a small audience, but it will surely have loyal followers which will consist mostly of gamers and people interested in modern warfare technologies.

modwar social networking

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