David Airey’s Domain Got Hacked

I recently stumbled upon this page earlier and saw David Airey’s post titled “Warning: Google’s security failure leaves my business sabotaged.” David Airey is a graphic designer and owner of davidairey.com. As I continue reading his very detailed article on how the hacker managed to steal his domain, it turned out that a security flaw in GMail caused this hack to happen.

How was I being hacked?

After a little research, I found this exposé into Google’s GMail defficiences: Google GMail E-mail Hijack Technique

It details the exact GMail hijack that I have just found applied to my account (right whilst writing this blog post).

Here’s an excerpt:

The victim visits a page while being logged into GMail. Upon execution, the page performs a multipart/form-data POST to one of the GMail interfaces and injects a filter into the victim’s filter list. In the example above, the attacker writes a filter, which simply looks for emails with attachments and forwards them to an email of their choice. This filter will automatically transfer all emails matching the rule. Keep in mind that future emails will be forwarded as well. The attack will remain present for as long as the victim has the filter within their filter list, even if the initial vulnerability, which was the cause of the injection, is fixed by Google.

This is a very unfortunate thing to happen to anybody in the online business. If you have something helpful to share to a fellow blogger, you can blog about this or check out his article and read his full story. If you are one of his clients check out his new website linked below.


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