Super Mario Pac from Hermit Games

Hermit Games is a website that offers fun and original games to play with. They aim to produce innovative and original video games not directed by commercial pressures and offer something not provided by the mainstream market.

Super Mario Pac is a simple Mario game which lets you (of course) control Mario who is being attacked by evil creatures. Mario must use his plumbing skills and the FLUDD backpack which water-thrusts him into the air to collect and assemble his pipe escape route and poison plants in his way. The FLUDD water cannon is used to drench the attacking enemies.  Remember to fill the FLUDD backpack regularly before it runs out of juice.

This is a fun and addictive Mario game that I’m sure Mario Fans will enjoy. The game is free to download and only has a file size of 920KB.  It runs on Windows (.exe file) and there is no need to install. So if you’re up for some Mario fun in your PC. Check out HermitGames. They also have some demo games that you might enjoy.

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  1. I’m sure I can google this, but are there really no links to the actual content? I mean honestly, this article contains three adlinks, a flash add under it, google adwords, and countless ads to the right, but you couldn’t be bothered to link to the freaking game your talking about? FAIL.

  2. Jim D: You didn’t even bother mouse over the content to see if there is a link or something and you can bother to give a comment like this. All you saw was the content ad link. Here I’ve made it bold for you to see.

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