Sonoteca: Online Guess the Image and Guess the Song Game

SonotecaSonoteca is an entertainment website which is based on the simple and addictive game of guess images and songs. It is a worldwide competition which is based in knowledge where players compete and guess the image or the song proposed before an opponent to earn as many points as possible. Once you have enough points, you’ll earn the right to play against the best and get a chance to get the prize.

The site is classified in two areas which you might already know based on the statement above; Music and Image. Those areas are further divided into sub areas or sub niches.

  • In the Music Area you can find the sub-areas: Rock, Pop, Indie, Metal, Soul, Jazz, Classical, Country, and many others.
  • In the Image Area you can find the sub-areas: Actors, Videogames, Movies, Art, Sports, Soccer leagues, Football, Hockey, and many others.-48 games all together.

Choose which niche interests you the most. If you are a movie buff, you will be bombarded with partial images of different movie scenes. Guess which movie the image appeared on and get points which you can use to gain advantage in the game. The more knowledge you have on a particular area, the better your chances are.

The game is 100 percent free. Just register to get a profile page and you can start competing with the whole world.

sonoteca game niches

sonoteca guess the movie game

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