Play a Strategy Game in your Browser with WeeWar

WeeWar is a free to play round based online multiplayer strategy browser game. As a player, you get to command an army. With that army, your goal is to capture all the bases in the map and obliterate your opponents. Capturing bases will generate income for a player to build new units. WeeWar is playable in the latest browsers and will not require a plugin in order to play.

To start playing, you can choose a map like the one in the image and set a desired speed for the game or you can join a previously created game if it is open. The player who created the game can invite up to five players depending on the map. A game can be on an invite only mode or open game where anyone is free to join. Once the game starts, the players take turns until the game ends. An end game is decided when all other remaining players are totally eradicated from the map or when players agree to a draw.

A single game can sometimes takes hours to finish depending on when you or your opponent takes a turn. An email notification can be sent to the player if his turn arrives. This is not a fast paced game and if you are expecting heavy graphics then this game is not for you. The graphics are very simplistic but the game is fun to play. So if you like taking long turns in a game or don’t mind waiting for a turn and like strategy games, maybe WeeWar is just the game that you are looking for.

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