Game Classroom: A Learning Game Site for Kids

game classroom logoGame Classroom is a website that you can let your kids visit without worrying about malicious or violent content. Here, your kids can watch videos and play games online. Your kids also get to access shared links from trustworthy online destinations.

All of Game Classroom’s educational content was created by professional educators with years of teaching experience and has been outlined using state educational standards. The games are categorized by grade so you won’t have a hard time deciding which game is appropriate for a child of certain grade level or age. You can also access a vast library of “Homework Help” as an additional resource for students, teachers and parents.

Being a website that was developed to address needs of parents and teachers, Game Classroom strives to offer a site that adults can trust and children can enjoy. If you are a parent of teacher looking for a website where your kids can learn and have fun at the same time, give Game Classroom a visit and browse the educational games featured in the site.

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