Duck My Life: Shoot Ducks on Any Website

duck my lifeDuck My Life is a webapp that allows you to shoot ducks on any site. The idea is simple, a duck appears on your browser and you get to shoot it. The only thing that’s missing is the stupid dog laughing his ass out whenever you miss a shot, which makes me somewhat relieved.

The app is simple enough to use. Users can simply drag the bookmarklet on the bookmarks bar and click it so that ducks will appear on any site. It’s duck carnage where you want it, when you want it. Website owners, on the other hand, can give their visitors the opportunity to massacre some ducks on their own site by placing a javascript code anywhere on the site. Add the line of HTML on any page to give your visitors the quack killing action that they have been asking for.

If you’re asking about the usefulness of this app is, I don’t know. But it can sure take away some boredom for a minute or two. The graphics could sure use some improvement like making it look like that the ducks could actually fly or go in different directions.


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