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mybruteMyBrute is a simple fighting slash role playing game with a little mix of social networking. The game starts like most role playing games where you get choose and customize your character. After creating your character, you’ll need to find someone to fight. Here’s where it gets a bit interesting. During the fight, you are not required to do anything but watch and hope that your character wins. You are allowed to do only a few fights per day and each time your character levels up, you’ll get a new weapon or pet depending on the character you chose.

create-my-brute-characterWhat’s interesting about the game is the element of surprise. You’ll never know what kind of scenario is going to be played during the fight. You can choose to fight a character with weaker stats but the outcome could be affected by the weapon(s) that the other character wields. Items and weapons will be given to you as your character’s level improves. Your character’s fight will be played for you which can be frustrating at times but its selling point of the game.

The social networking side of MyBrute allows you to recruit members and get some experience points. You can also join a clan if you want to. I’m just not sure of what are the incentives in joining a clan. Creating a character in MyBrute does not require you to sign up. Once your character name is validated (never been used) you can immediately start playing. This however, prevents you from joining clans and your character is open and can be played by others. If you want to be the only one to play you character, simply add a password and get access to other features of the game.

If you’re up for a bit of fun on your break, check it out and challenge MyBrute.


Update: Join the Orangeinks Clan.

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  1. One of the major cons of the game is that recruiting pupils is very mandatory in order to level up quickly in the game and in the long run. This forces the player to literally spam around the net and make users sign up on their account for the much needed experience points. Another con is that because the fights are automatic, you have no control over your character and there are numerous times your character doesn’t perform the way you expect it to be.

  2. @ShammyShavis: I created a brute and became your pupil

    @ChickenWuss: I agree with you on the recruiting part. I’m guilty with posting my MyBrute url just to get pupils. LOL! Well, if the readers of this post wishes not to become my pupil, they can just go to the MyBrute page and create a character without a master. Another thing that concerns me is other members are creating multiple characters just to speed up the level-up of their main character. They create random named characters in order to do this. A friend of mine mentioned that she saw a Brute with 50 thousand pupils. Either the guy/gal is just so good in networking and has that many online buddies or they’re using a script to create tons of pupils on short periods of time. The service is very prone to bots and spams. It would be a good idea to place a captcha widget before one can activate a brute.

    Other people might not like the automatic fighting scheme but I totally enjoy it. It somewhat gives you the excitement of watching a match between your character and another brute. It surprises me sometimes when I see the result of each fight. It’s a good alternative to those fighting games that you have control over.

  3. Pupil My Brute

    This game is very susceptible to bots. However one time I did see a captcha when I had a suspect pupil name “pup1-xi clax”

    Here’s a quick FAQ about pupils:

    Each pupil must be from a unique IP address so you can only pupil yourself once without cheating.

    There must be a significant delay (greater than one hour) between each pupil joining.

    You will be awarded 1xp for a new pupil and 1xp for each level-up that pupil achieves.

    Pupils that did not give you the 1xp when joining will never yield xp.

    When you exchange pupils with someone do not set a password that way if it’s a xp granting pupil they can choose to level it on their own time.

    Pupil My Brute

  4. I’ve given a pupil to as many of you as I can guys. Thanks for all your comments. Please bookmark and share this page. Thanks all. Goodluck with your brutes and enjoy playing. 🙂

  5. To everyone who wants to know why there’s no experience gained when you recruit a brute… I think that they’re recording the IP. I tried clearing cache and cookies but still didn’t give any experience to your brute. I did try to keep playing the new brutes that I’ve created and experience started registering to the master brute. So keep playing guys. Thanks for giving me a pupil. 🙂

  6. To increase your chance of getting a BEAR become my pupil currently have 70+ pupils

  7. Deathwing is pupiled you pls pupil baq.

    and to the others: who pupils me, i’ll pupil 2x baq!!!

    so if you pupil me 6x i’ll pupil you 18x!!!


  8. http:/



  9. “Get your own panther (wolf) by being a pupil of a master that has a wolf. This significantly increases your chances of getting one – its not a theory; that’s why masters exist.”

    I’ve been hearing a lot of those messages and attempt it numerous times rushing the char to lvl 2-3 without getting a wolf. I have a wolf now and noticed that the master with the wolf did not have a master, and was hence an original master. I guess it’s easier to get a wolf from being a disciple from an original master. There should be a few of those.. please help compile a list of those if you find more of them.

    2. …

  10. I have overloaded accounts full of pets. Feel free to become my pupils to have a higher chances of getting a great pet yourself.

    peah51.mybrute.com2 – bear – wolf -wolf -bear – bear – wolf – bear -wolf – bear – wolf – bear -bear -wolf -wolf – wolf – bear – wolf – bear -bear -bear -bear -bear -wolf – bear – wolf -wolf -wolf -bear -bear -wolf

  11. I have overloaded accounts full of pets. Feel free to become my pupils to have a higher chances of getting a great pet yourself. – bear – wolf -wolf -bear – bear – wolf – bear -wolf – bear – wolf – bear -bear -wolf -wolf – wolf – bear – wolf – bear -bear -bear -bear -bear -wolf – bear – wolf -wolf -wolf -bear -bear -wolf

  12. Hi all, first of all I would like to congratulate the developers, very good games, beautiful graphics, it may be missing a tutorial for this that have never played the PC version.

    For info the beginning of the game is a long time is taken quickly by other Taules brutes. it is a bit boring coup.

    The best way is to choose a good master chatting like mine at the start of games.

    it has many bonus:
    – Specific chat: tape two shots in a row, bonus vitality, ..
    – Animals: bears, wolves, …
    – Weapons: ax, sword, knives, …
    – Bonus: double XP for 3 days, new arenas, …

    I choose the best way to change quickly, is to become “The Brute”

    We are already 23 (at 48.39, 36.34 ,..), Come join the clan “BIG UP” by typing “CHBIGHFE”

    An email address to join, or I give you tips and tricks to move quickly:

    Yes We Can

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    DO IT!

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