Windows 7: How to Customize an Awesome Minimalist Desktop

Customizing a minimalist desktop is very easy. Select the most basic colored theme, throw in a blank wallpaper and remove every icon on your desktop. But, how do you make a Minimalist theme that rock? This guide will redirect you to several resources that I think would be of great use to you. Not just in customizing a minimalist desktop but in customizing your desktop to fit your needs.

This is what your desktop would probably look after you’re done with the customization. (See Image)

click image for a larger view

  • First of all, you need to have an application called RainMeter. It’s a windows application that allows you to uber-customize your desktop. Download the free application and install.
  • Assuming that you’ve already installed RainMeter, go and download that awesome fully functional Corner Clock plugin.
  • To install the plugins, simply extract them to your Documents library under the Rainmeter/Skins folder. The CornerClock and RecycleBin folder should be side by side with Rainmeter’s Illustro. Now, right click the Rainmeter icon on your taskbar and press “refresh all”. You should now be able to see the new plugins present in Rainmeter.
  • The next step is to customize your CornerClock. You can do so by going to where you extracted CornerClock a while ago (documents/Rainmeter/Skins/CornerClock). Look for the UserSettings file and open it with notepad. Here, you can edit the color of the text, change the font, change the time format and edit the custom text that appears with the clock. See image below.

click for full size image

  • Now that you’re all done with the customization, all that’s left for you to do now is to clean up your desktop icons. Hide them or delete them, it’s up to you.

You can also check out another awesome customized desktop at Lifehacker.


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