Unevolved Brands: Famous Brands and Logos Simplified

Unevolved Brands is a website where you’ll find simplified logos of popular brands. If you look at the images that I’ve collected from Unevolved Brands, it may look like only circle and dots, but they are actually popular brand logos.

You’ll notice that the strongest and most popular brands are easily recognizable even if they are regressed to dots and circles. Check out the image below for a glimpse some of the “Unevolved” brands that you’ll find at the website.

Visit Unevolved Brands to find out how many Brands you can recognize after they have been Unevolved to just perfect circles.

1 Comment on “Unevolved Brands: Famous Brands and Logos Simplified

  1. Hi,
    logo’s don’t make a brand popular. What makes a product popular is its quality coupled with reasonable price tag.

    God Bless.

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