Speechable Adds Speech Bubbles to your Photos Plus Quick Sharing

Speechable is like a simplified PikiStrips. It’s a simple and free image tool which lets you add speech bubbles to your photos. Although creating comic strips from your photos can be fun, sometimes you just want to make your photo say something by placing a speech bubble and nothing more. This is the perfect tool for doing just that.

speechable editor dog sample

The service does not require you to register. Just upload a photo and you can immediately start placing your bubble. Once you are done, you can save your image or immediately share that image to your favorite social networking site such as FaceBook, Okrut and Myspace. Embed codes are also available to quickly share the image/photo to your blogs, forums and websites. Of course, the quick email service will deliver your edited photo to your friends instantly.

Since there is no registration needed in order to use the service, management features in Speechable does not exist. It means that when you upload a photo, it stays there and can be viewed by others. So you have to be responsible for the images that you upload in Speechable. From the looks of it, Speechable is still in early beta and still a bit buggy. Maybe a privacy feature is in the works as well as getting rid of some bugs when saving images.

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