Seam Carving Makes Rsizr an Intelligent Image Resizer

rsizr logoRsizr is a flash application that lets you resize JPG, PNG and GIF images. You can resize your image on your browser without having to open a desktop image editor. It sounds pretty much like most online image resizer out there, but there’s more;

What makes this particular web application different from other image resizer apps out there is that it makes use of a new resizing algorithm called seam carving. It as a method of image retargeting that tries to keep intact areas in an image that are richer in detail. The algorithm alters the dimensions of an image not by scaling or copping, but rather by intelligently removing pixels from the image that carry little importance.

With Seam Carving, it is now possible to reduce or enlarge pictures by a wide range, while still retaining details. In Normal image scaling, it is often not possible to scale about factor greater than 2 or less than 0.5, without losing much of the images quality.

Watch the video demo:

Some images that shows how the app works




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