RainMeter: One of the Best Windows Desktop Customization Tool

Rainmeter is an awesome Windows customization application. You can empower your desktop with an expandable library of useful tools. You can use handy notes, application launchers, weather and feeds from your favorite website and your computer system.

You can rearrange and modify those tools to suit your personal style. Rainmeter is a great alternative to using Windows gadgets. The level of desktop customization using this application is – you could say that “I own my desktop”.

Rainmeter can display various performance data in different formats. It can measure CPU load, Allocated Memory, Network Traffic, Windows Performance Data, Uptime, Free Disk Space, etc.

The data can be displayed e.g. in a histogram, a bar, bitmap frames or just plain numbers. Rainmeter also includes a plugin interface to extend the capabilities with 3rd party plugins.

Another great thing about Rainmeter is that it will run on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and has both 32bit and 64bit versions. And it’s FREE.

Note: Be careful in downloading skins for RainMeter. Some of them may contain viruses.

There has suddenly been a rash of uploads to deviantART.com, in the Rainmeter area, of skins which are simply copies of an existing deviation with a virus added. These can be identified by the fact that they have comments disabled, or have some comments “hidden”. PLEASE help us to help you. Read the comments for any skin you are tempted to download from deviantART.com. On the right of the deviation, near the bottom, there is a section for “Statistics”. The first item in this is “Comments”. If they are “Disabled”, or when you look at the deviation there are any “Hidden by owner” entries below it in the comments area, DO NOT download this skin.


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