PsykoPaint: Transform your Photos into Paintings

psykopaintPsykoPaint is a tool that allows you to transform your photos into a digital painting. The transformation is not automatic. You’ll have to put some effort into it in order to get a decent result but will not require you to work too hard on your photo. It‘s a fun way of making your photos look even more extraordinary.

What it does is very simple. It kind of mimics the smudge tool, if you’re familiar with Photoshop, but in an entirely unique fashion. Psykopaint uses the existing colors on the images for the brush strokes. You don’t have to choose from a color chart in order to blend your brush color with the color in your photo. Just begin painting over the photo and watch it transform into a painted art. You can select brush sizes, types and effects. There’s also a blend mode option that allows you choose the way the color blends with what’s behind which is the original photo.

This is another cool tool that you can use to have some fun with your photos. It will give your photos a new look and allow you to explore them in a different perspective. The next time you feel like bringing out the artist in you, try PsykoPaint.

psykopaint paintings

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