Pictaculous: Generate a Color Palette Using an Image

pictaculousPictaculous is a unique color palette generator that can be used for different design projects. If you are doing a design that focuses on a particular image, you can use Pictaculous to give you palette recommendations for your color combinations to match a particular image. The service uses ColourLovers and Adobe Kuler to give you the best color combination recommendation available.

To get your color palette, just upload a photo or an image that you want to build a design around with. You can upload pre-existing logos, photos and other images that you are using with your design (PNG, JPG, GIF). The palette generator can also be used to find out the color codes used in an image. You can even use it to extract the color combination used on an existing website. Just take a screenshot of the website, upload it on Pictaculous and see the color codes appear on the palette of the image source along with the color combination suggestions generated by the application.

Whether you are designing a website, brochure or anything that requires you to properly blend colors together around a particular image, Pictaculous will certainly be a great assistance in helping you choose the right colors to use in your next design.

*This application also works with your iPhone.

pictaculous palette generator

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