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Photoshop: Displacement Tutorial

Another great Photoshop tutorial from Donny of MyDamnChannel. This one shows how to use the displacement tool. It’s great for embedding objects on a photo and make it look naturally part of the original photo/image.

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3 comments on “Photoshop: Displacement Tutorial
  1. Roger says:

    Great but he talks faaaaar too much and I found it very difficult not to zap within the first minute…

  2. o.d. says:

    LOL! I want to go tell somebody about this! 🙂 LOL! Another funny and great tip by Donny.

  3. AgentOrange says:

    Roger: He does that a lot. LOL! He’s not known to be the best speaker but he does have some great tips that works.

    Orange D.: LOL! Donny Rocks!!!

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