JustResizeIt: A Free Image Resizer Widget

JustResizeIt logoJustResizeIt is a downloadable free desktop widget that allows you easily resize images. The simple widget runs on Adobe Air so there’s no problem whatsoever whether you’re using Windows, OS-X or Linux.

How It Works:

You can create widgets that define how the images will be resized. The best part is that you can create multiple widgets – one for each of your resizing needs.

For example, you can create a widget for sending photos in mail with a maximum size of 800 pixels. Or, you could create a widget for resizing photos to upload into a web gallery at 50% of their original size.

To use the widget, simply drag and drop photos from a folder into JustResizeIt. Wait a few seconds for the app to process the images and drag and drop the images again into an e-mail, office document or a folder. It’s so easy to use and hassle free that even a novice computer user who knows how to drag and drop will encounter no trouble at all.

Another great thing about JustResizeIt is that you can copy and redistribute unlimited copies of the software provided that you comply with their License and Agreement. As long as you don’t charge for the copy of the software, you should have no problem redistributing it.

You can also use JustResizeIt to promote your brand by redistributing the software along with your company logo. You can customize JustResizeIt to your company’s corporate identity standards and redistribute it. Simply contact the guys form JustResizeIt and get your custom widget. It is not entirely clear if they’ll charge you for the design – which is pretty fair if they do.

JustResizeIt Widget

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