FontSelf: Custom Fonts for your Blog and Social Networking Posts

FontSelf is a font service that allows you to express yourself online in a creative way through font customization. You’ll be able to send messages and write text using the font that suits your mood. The service does not require you to install anything. All the fonts and tools in FontSelf are online and can be available to your whenever and wherever you need them.

Using FontSelf is as easy as typing your message in their editor and choosing which font you’d like to use. You can embed the message or text content by grabbing the generated codes from FontSelf and place it on your blog or favorite social network (if they allow embeds).

All the fonts in FontSelf are free to use and everything is usable online. You can choose from an array of fonts designed by a community of international designers. You can also expect to see new fonts added regularly in FontSelf. If you want to become more creative, you can check out their creation tool. With it, you can create your own smileys and illustrated words. It allows you to import pictures, drawings and webcam captures to make it more personalized.

Fontself is an original platform for all the people who want to send unique messages and add some visual spice to their online communications. It’s easy to use and works anywhere online that allows html embedding. And the best thing about the service is that it’s all free.

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