EasyMoza: An Easy Way to Create a Photo Mosaic Online

Looking for a free online Photo Mosaic Creator? Try EasyMoza. Creating a photo mosaic has never been easier. The service is free and there’s no need for you to download anything. Simply use your browser and head over to the EasyMoza website to begin creating your mosaic.

Just upload a high resolution photo for your main image. The main image will be composed from all the small photos. The ones that you’re going to use as small photos need not be as high resolution as the main. They’ll be reduced to being part of the big picture anyway so do yourself a favor and save some upload time.

Another thing that you should remember if you want to produce a good mosaic is to choose a photo with very few details as possible, and ones that are not zoomed out too far. For example, a close-up picture of a face as the main picture will look better than a picture of you standing near a tree.


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