ClockEasy: Embedabble Clock Generator

clockeasyClockEasy is a web app that lets you generate a clock and countdown timer. If for some reason you wish to place a clock or in need of a countdown timer for a special event, this tool will let you easily create and embed a digital clock on your website.

This simple tool has simple features. You are allowed to easily customize your clock by simply selecting from several dropdown options for the widget. You can set font styles, font sizes, color, border color, width and padding for the clock and a few more added settings for the countdown timer. When you’re done and satisfied with your settings, just hit the generate button and it will display the preview of the clock/timer that you have created. Get the code and embed it on your website.

The ClockEasy site also functions as an alarm clock and has a chronometer that you can use. Both features can be used on the site only. Embedding is not possible for the two features because I really don’t see the point in embedding an alarm clock on your websites unless you want to startle a user who happens to make a visit on the set alarm time.

ClockEasy, like the name says is easy, simple and a direct to the point application. There are no special features to configure and no sign-up needed in order to use the service. Simply generate your clock and embed it on your site. That’s it.

clockeasy clock timer alarm chronometer

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