Clevr : The Panorama Stitcher

clevr-logoClevr is a place online where you can do your Panorama stitching for free. There is also an easy way to do panorama stitching using Photoshop but if you don’t feel like so, you can always use the Clevr stitcher. To accomplish your panorama stitching, you need to have an online Clevr account and download a desktop (offline) application. You are going to need to install Adobe Air if you don’t have one yet on your system in order for the stitcher to run.

Once everything is installed, you can immediately proceed with the stitching. All you need to do is upload your panorama photos using the Clevr desktop application. Btw, this works on both Windows and Mac. After uploading all the photos, just press the Stitch button and watch the Clevr engine cleverly stitch your photos together. The stitcher also comes with a photo enhancement tool for under exposed/over exposed photos. You can just drag it until it meets your preference. All that’s left for you to do now is upload your panorama to your Clevr account for online sharing or export it as Jpeg for further enhancement using your favorite Photo editing tool.


This is a great tool for stitching photos and making a panoramic image. If you’re ever looking for a tool for making panoramas with an awesome sharing method, visit Clevr. Check out the sample embeddable panoramic image below.

Panorama of Clevr Test on

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