Architizer: View Astonishing Geo-Tagged Architectural Designs / Projects

architizer logoArchitizer is a website created by architects for architects. It is an open community that aims to empower architecture. Here, you can find architects, buildings, interior designs, materials, jobs, competitions, design schools and many more. One can view and be amazed by projects not only locally but internationally.

Since one architectural project has several contributors, from the interns who made the conceptual models to the construction administrator in-charge of the project. Architizer links all members of the architectural community to interact and share ideas with one another. It is also a way of inspiration to new architects, designers and other professionals in the field.

The website may have been created for architects, but for curious spectators like us, it’s another way of viewing fantastic architecture projects created by great architectural minds worldwide. You’ll be able to view different projects by clicking the thumbnails on the Google Powered map found on Architizer’s main page. You can find detailed information about a building that interests you which includes materials used, location and other information that architects and clients might find useful.

Whether you are an architect, interior designer, a client or someone who just enjoys and appreciates different architectures, Architizer will surely provide you with the inspiration and detailed information about different structures created by different people from different countries.

Architizer Map

Architizer Architectural Project

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