Zerox’ Image Search Algorithm will Tell you if Photos are Good or Bad


Zerox’ Aesthetic Quality Image Search uses and algorithm that divides photos into two very straightforward categories, photos that suck and photos that doesn’t suck. If you think of it, when you are looking for a decent photo in the internet and don’t really have an eye for photos, what really will matter to you is that if is it any good or not. Zerox’ image search project will help you figure out if the photos that you are looking at are any good or not. This will be useful when there’s nobody else around to ask for an opinion.

The engine specializes in different subjects, like beaches, portraits and skies. The photos go through an image categorization engine that understands the content of the images (no texts and tags are required for the engine to process the images). The algorithm uses different parameters to evaluate the photos according to a particular subject matter. Then, the aesthetics rating engine separates the images with good and bad aesthetic elements.

Aside from telling bad and good photos apart, Aesthetic Quality also offers a few tips on how to capture images that are worthy of their “Good Images” section.

Here’s an example of the photography tip:

“A good beach image contains high cliffs, rugged coastlines, eroded landforms, pounding seas. Fast shutter speed (higher than 1/250) will stop the motion of the waves and freeze sea spray. Slow shutter speed will blur the waves and soften the seascape.

Add human elements and a sense of scale.

Head for piers and rocky promontories to include the sea in the foreground.

A polarizing filter will often improve the colour and contrast around the water.

Ref: Lonely Planet’s Guide To Travel Photography


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