YouFlow: A Tweaked YouTube Experience

youflow-logoYouFlow is a mashup of Highslide, ImageFlow and YouTube. It is a combination of JavaScript effects, ImageFlow and Highslide JS with the YouTube API. Meaning, when you put them all together, the result is a much better browsing/viewing experience for the users.

You can use YouFlow to search for YouTube videos without going through pages like you normally do. You can just search for a keyword and select from the scrolling video thumbnails. Aside from the improvement in navigation, you can open multiple video windows within YouFlow which you can drag anywhere in your browser screen.

Another great feature of YouFlow is that you can adjust the screen size of your video window by dragging to whatever size that fits your preference. This will generally reduce the number of tabs opened in your browser whenever you are viewing multiple videos in YouTube.

YouFlow is in its early stages and I can see a very big room for improvement to become a potentially great web application. If the development of the service pushes through, it can be a great alternative in searching and viewing YouTube videos. The design is neat and simple but could use a little more tweaking. The search results are pretty accurate but could use a more loading speed. It could also use an option to view the videos in High Resolution or HD.


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